Leadership by consensus is not the way to success

What is it with this current fad of leadership being seen as a negative attribute?

Back in the day, all the way back 3 or more years ago, it was quite normal to expect someone in a leadership position to determine the vision for an organisation/team or any other collective. This leader was seen as the person to organise the great unwashed into a collective capable of achieving some sort of accomplishment to allow for potential future success or development.

That was a very modest description of a leader and what is expected of them. These days that are passing us by now it seems this is not the way to get an organisation into a winning position. A winning position, i would classify this as an efficient high performing, motivated collective of individuals that work in harmony to effectively execute what is the premise of the organisation.

In todays society where everything is subject to social media scrutiny the latest and greatest way to lead is via consensus. Mature organisations with well paid individuals should not underestimate the requirement to lead. As motivated as individuals can be or motivated financially there is always a benefit to being inspired and realigned by a leader that is respectful and appreciative of his peoples efforts. Consensus leadership or decision making is allowing for all to be “ok” with a path that is defined by a team member. Apathy and a reduction in performance is a distinct possibility where there is an ability for different minds to allow for others’ ideas.

Success it can be argued is not something that is achieved by consensus, collaboration on the other hand is a definite requirement for a high performing team and it is the strong leader that encourages the thoughts and suggestions of his or her brightest. These still needs to be a moderator to determine what is valid and not so as to ensure that a timely outcome is achieved.



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